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Warning! A Caution About the Cuisinart Recall

cuisinart model numberWas your Cuisinart affected by the recent recall? (If you're not sure, here's an article that gives you the details on what Cuisinart units were affected.) If you are getting a replacement blade for your Cuisinart, one of my readers has a warning for you.

Hello and Happy Holidays Ms.  Bradford;

I am writing because you have an address, you wrote on the Cuisinart recall, and I sure can't find anybody to write to at Cuisinart.

I asked for and quickly received a replacement blade by requesting such online.

My Cuisinart has been a good appliance, causing no issues in the 20 years I owned it.  Until I requested the new blade.  It had written instructions on how to safely open the inner box and remove the blade.  Inside the inner box.  Bad idea.  Worse idea: the bare, sharp, tip of the blade was protruding from the box, exactly where one would naturally grasp it. Protrusion measures(I have a digital micrometer) .119". That's a lot larger dimension than the thickness of my skin.

So instead of the very low risk of the previous blade breaking and my not noticing it, I have the very high risk of lacerating my hand on the box they saved a penny on by not capping the blades.  Dumb, dumb and dumber.  I was lucky; I did not get cut.

So if you know who to contact at Cuisinart, let them know their risk from injury liability is exponentially increased by their safety recall.

Ironic, huh?

Best regards,

Don Spiegel

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