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Two Uses for Old Phones

uses for old phonesI wrote an article for CNET on new uses for old phones. Here are two more ideas.

Use it as a digital picture frame for your desk

I personally hate staring at the shame photo day in and day out, so I like digital photo frames that displays a slideshow of photos. If you have a small desk, though, you may not have room for a full-sized frame.

The solution is using one of your old phones as a mini digital photo frame. Download a slideshow app like Dayframe or use your phone’s screensaver mode to display photos. Use a phone stand to keep your phone upright on your desk. Here are few homemade phone stand ideas:

Have a free, dedicated house phone

Most people carry a cell phone around everywhere and have nixed the houseline to save money. The problem with this is if your phone goes dead or breaks, you don’t have a way to make calls until the problem is resolved.

You can create a dedicated house phone with an old cell phone for free. Set up an account with Google Voice, choose your phone number and you’re done. With Google Voice you can make free phone calls and even set up a free voice mailbox.


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