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Tone: How to Make Your Writing Sound Formal or Informal

Tone: How to Make Your Writing Sound Formal or Informal

When you’re taking jobs from clients, you’ll notice that they will often ask for a ‘formal’ or ‘casual’ tone in your writing style. You need to have a good handle on what these styles are to please your clients. Here’s how to make your writing fit with each one.

Formal Style

When you see ‘formal’ think business. It’s basically how someone would speak to their CEO or upper management. There’s typically:

  • No jokes

  • No contractions like don’t, won’t, can’t, haven’t

  • Industry terms

  • Third-person point-of-view only (don’t use you, I, we, our)

how to write in first second and third person

how to write in first second and third person

Here’s an example of formal writing:

Blog Post: Strategies for Increasing Revenue in a Value-based Healthcare System

Combine Old Techniques with the New

The first step to creating a new revenue cycle that works with a value-based system is to combine the old with the new. The old methods of diagnosis and testing must be combined with new methods that provide a more holistic approach. This method will focus not just on a current ailment, but the patient's entire health and wellbeing as a whole. This for hospitals, this can include:

Providing better communication techniquesIncorporating better methods for reducing new infection during hospital stays and outpatient proceduresReviewing and organizing data to get a clear view of the patient's overall health before making a diagnosis in the EREncouraging patients to participate in their care by enabling them to track their medical histories and other personal items easily through the hospital's website

Target New Demographics

To increase revenue, hospitals must create programs that will target patients who qualify for economic programs and are eligible for new funding sources in line with changes made by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for increased revenue sustainability to compete with other hospitals in their area. Due to the ACA, Medicaid has been expanded to include an increased number of low-income adults. Some segments that are quickly growing are Dual Eligible's and Hierarchical Condition Categories.

Preparing Patient Financial Service to Properly Handle New Patients

As part of increasing the patient experience, a provider's patient financial service must be able to help patients understand health insurance rules, copays, how networks function and plan options with patience and understanding. They also need to learn ways to guide the patient through the online Medicaid enrollment process and, if they are in eligible states, must learn the new guidelines for determining financial assistance through the ACA to better insure enhanced revenue cycle.

Casual Style

Casual, friendly or informal style is basically how you’d talk to a friend. You would use second person or sometimes first person, and you would use slang, metaphors, jokes and contractions.

Just how casual you can be depends on the website. For example, if you were writing for the New York Times style section, your level of casualness would be a little more laced up than if you were writing for BuzzFeed.


Here’s an example of a post written in a casual style:

Blog Post: Why Syndication May be Your Best Content Solution

Posted on Linkedin for Content Groove

I recently did a poll of 129 business professionals on what their biggest problems were when it came to posting content to their website. A majority of those polled said that they didn't have time to post or that they couldn't find or write quality content that was fresh and/or innovative.

The results didn't surprise me.

Over the past 16 years I have heard these complaints time and time again. Business owners know that the key to getting more traffic to their site, and more customers, is posting great content search engines and visitors love. It's not an easy task to do when you are running a business, though.

There’re usually two solutions.

One, the business owner can hire someone, like me, to create and post content on their site. Two, they can sign up at a syndication site to get pre-made content for their site. Today, I'm going to talk a little bit about syndication for those times when you can't hire someone like me.

You Get Fresh, Relevant Website Content

One of the benefits of getting content from a syndication service is that the content is always fresh and relevant to your industry. One of the biggest complaints from the business owners I polled was that they can never come up with new ideas for articles and blog posts. All they can think of was the same old, tired ideas that their competitors have already covered.

With syndication, you get to pick from the latest articles to hit the web. Since it's unlikely that your competitor uses syndication, you will have the edge.

You Get Quality Content

Chances are, you probably aren't a writer or editor, so writing content yourself is out of the question, at least most of the time. Syndicated articles and blog posts come from the top digital publishers on the web. That means you are getting access to the best writers without the need to hire them. The content has also passed through the hands of some of the best editors on the web, which means the content will look professional, read well and won't contain embarrassing spelling or grammar mistakes.

Get More Traffic

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Doesn't Google penalize sites that have duplicate content?" Yes, they do, but it is important to understand what Google considers duplicate content. The duplication rule only applies if you are posting the same article over and over again on one site (an early black hat SEO tactic). This rule doesn't pertain to an article posted on two different sites. So, no, you won't get penalized for using syndicated content that has already been published on another site.

Need proof? Ideal Media found that sites using their syndication service had an 83% increase in traffic. That doesn't sound like those sites are being penalized to me.

So, if you need fresh content, but don't want to create it yourself or hire others to do it for you, consider syndicated content. It could be just what your site needs to rise above your competitors.

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Fluffy Content is Bad Customer Service

Fluffy Content is Bad Customer Service

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