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Spruce Up Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Your home should be a place of calm retreat, somewhere you can relax and really enjoy your surroundings. But if your decor is leaving you a little uninspired and you fancy a refresh, there’s no need to fret if you don’t have a huge budget. There’s plenty you can do to completely overhaul the look which won’t cost the earth.

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Clean and Declutter

Cleaning and decluttering costs nothing, but could dramatically revamp your house. Get rid of what you no longer need and use and make space. Thoroughly clean and scrub every surface. It’s sure to look a lot nicer when everything is clean and tidy, and it gives you a good starting point to work from. Take a look at my article 20 crazy cleaning tricks your mom never taught you over at CNET for some in depth advice.

Do It Yourself

Instead of paying premium prices for painters and decorators, doing it yourself will save you some serious cash. You might not get it quite as professional looking, and it will take you longer, but if you do all of the preparation steps and take your time you should still be able to do a good job.

With painting, be sure to fill in cracks with a filler and carefully sand everywhere for the best finish. For wallpapering, watch some tutorials on Youtube. Having an extra pair of hands here helps too if you’re not the most confident, but follow all of the steps and you’ll be fine. Choose a wallpaper pattern that’s easy to match up, to prevent making things too difficult for yourself.

If you decorate in a neutral color, you'll make things easier for yourself. It will go with any accent shade, so if you want to update your room later down the line, all you need to do is replace the accessories. A quick refresh might be needed on the paint, but it’s far cheaper than easier than totally changing the wall color every time and needing up to three coats.

Choose Hardwearing, Affordable Flooring

For flooring, you could go for affordable options such as timber, laminate or vinyl flooring. Compared with things like marble and granite, these aren’t too expensive and will still last for a long time.

Plus, if you choose well, it will last you through a number of decor changes over the years. That way you do not have to rip of flooring every time you want to update your home.

Search For Second Hand Gems

Older furniture tends to be made from solid wood, which is incredibly hardwearing and will last a lifetime if it’s looked after well. While these pieces might look shabby or old-fashioned, don’t overlook them. A coat of paint and some new handles can bring things right into the modern day, plus you have a trendy one-off upcycled piece. While you’ll need to purchase paint. It will work out far cheaper than buying a brand new item of furniture. Here is an upcycle that I did.

Scour Bargain Homeware Shops

A couple of photo frames, an ornament or two, a pretty mirror and some candles might be all you need to inject some personality into your home. You can check out places like Ikea, TJ Maxx, even dollar stores for cute and quirky pieces. Here's a cute planter my friend found at Ross for just $12.

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