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Small Bathroom Details That Can Make A Big Difference

decorating your bathroom Credit

When it comes to designing a bathroom, many homeowners keep things simple and go with a neutral color scheme and simple decorations. As this is a very practical room, you’ll find that lots of people put an emphasis on the utility and usability of their bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style. In fact, bathrooms can be both very stylish and practical spaces if you focus on adding small decorative features rather than going overboard.

To help you figure out how to decorate and design your bathroom, here are some small details that can really make a big difference.

Make The Bath The Center Of Attention

You will find that you have lots of different bath options, and choosing the right one can make or break your new bathroom design. It’s a good idea to invest in a top-quality bath that stands out from its surroundings, making it a focal point. For instance, a statement vintage bathtub can add some chic elegance to your room. And while guests are swooning over your amazing bath, they might not notice some of the less-well decorated areas of the bathroom.

tiling a bathroom


Add Color With Tiles

Tiling the walls of a bathroom is a very popular choice for many homeowners. This is mainly for practical reasons, as they can easily be wiped clean and can prevent the excessive steam and moisture from damaging the walls.

But when people choose new tiles for their bathrooms, they often go for plain white ones. Why not add some color to your bathroom with tiles? One great idea is to use mainly white tiles and also add a few bold, colorful ones. This won’t be as imposing as using bright color for your walls. Plus, it will keep your bathroom light and airy.

Consider The Design Of Fittings

There will be lots of fittings that you add to your bathroom, such as faucets, towel rails and cupboard handles. If possible, you should try and buy these in the same design so that you create unity in your bathroom’s decor. Lots of bathroom stores sell sets of bathroom fittings, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding ones that match.

If you want to keep the colors in your bathroom fairly neutral, you should go for a bold design for your fittings. That way, they will really stand out, helping the room to look very sophisticated.

make your bathroom relaxing


Add Relaxing Features

To stop your bathroom from feeling too sterile and cold, you should add some features that will help you relax while you are in it. Lots of soft fabrics, like luxurious bath mats and fluffy towels, will work really well, as will some houseplants.

Homeowners like to add scented candles and joss sticks to their bathroom as well to add some fantastic aromas to the air. If you enjoy taking long bubble baths before bed, you will find that lavender-scented candles can help you get to sleep once in bed.

Why forget about your bathroom’s style, when these little details can make all the difference!?

What do you do to make your bathroom amazing?

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