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SEO Tips for Blogging Success

SEO Tips for Blogging Success

We all know that in our web savvy, tech heavy world that content is king, but it’s also true to say that not all content is created equal. If you’re settling for second-rate blog posts or web content on your business page, then now’s the time to up your game.If you’re thinking of upgrading your blog, then look no further than this guide to getting noticed on Google and making your search engine optimisation (SEO) pop.

Think long

You might have been taught to write short, concise content for your web page or white papers, but when it comes to blogs you need to reverse your thinking completely.  While you certainly want well written, interesting and engaging content, you don’t need to squeeze this into a couple of hundred words. Allow your creative writing to flow and expand on your favourite topics.

Why? Because of that smart Google algorithm that will spot the difference between real blogs and walls of text. Because you’ll be able to repeatedly use your SEO keywords and phrases. Because your readers deserve a beautifully crafted, well thought out read.

You might be done at 1,000 words, but there’s nothing wrong with pressing on to 2,000 if you find you can.

Link up

Using links to other sites in your blog serves the dual purpose of giving your own blog credibility by linking to an established site, it also means you might end up with a reciprocal link if you’re very lucky. This in itself is a very useful way of driving customers straight to your site from a trusted source.

Of course you’re reciprocal link will also have the added bonus of showing up on Google, which will also add to your searchability.

Keywords and phrases

These are the tools for your SEO success, but they must be used very carefully. When creating your blog title you’ll want to use SEO keywords that are highly searchable. But shoe horn them into your title and you’ll be penalised for using phrases that look unnatural and obviously there for Google’s eyes only.

The same goes for the rest of your text. Make sure that you use your keywords and phrases as naturally and liberally as possible but without making it look like they don’t belong.

If you’re unsure how to manage your blog or if IT in general is become a challenge, consider taking on professional support from a social media manager or visit ProviDyn for managed IT services.

Taking your blog from zero to hero is going to pay off. When done well, it will drive traffic to your website which will hopefully lead to real life leads and customer interactions.

Make your writing clever, engaging and enjoyable. Write to a length that tells your story and helps establish you with a strong clear voice that is leading your particular industry. At all costs avoid the clunky placing of SEO keywords and phrases and you’ll be ready to put your blog at the forefront of your social media campaign.

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