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Reaching Out When Inspiration Leaves You

Not so long ago, you had so many ideas for your writing that you could hardly keep track. You had notebooks full of the things for goodness sake! Any time the well ran dry, you would pick one at random and craft it into life. But, now, you’re dipping into an already empty ideas drawer. It’s a worry for any creative, and, if you aren’t careful, it can lead to a lot of lost money. To make sure that doesn’t happen, it’s important to find new ways to gain ideas. Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that this isn’t always easy. Ideas are surprisingly elusive when you look for them. But, there are a few ways you can invite them in, and we’re going to look at them here.

Read something completely new

Writers read. It’s how we train ourselves. The trouble here is that most of us find a niche we like and stick to it. Like with anything, we pick books we know we’ll enjoy. But, this may not be best for inspiration. After all, if you aren’t experiencing anything new with your reading, how can you expect to come up with new ideas?


If you’re struggling to stay afloat, try stepping outside your comfort zone. Non-fiction is a fantastic option, here, as it guarantees you’ll learn something. If you usually read fiction, give it a go. Picking up any non-fiction is sure to take you on a very different journey to what you’re used to. If you already read non-fiction, pick up a book about a new subject. Don’t worry about what it is. A book about Chinese pottery, even, could unlock a wealth of inspiration.


Focus on a project outside your comfort zone

We also tend to get caught doing the same jobs. It makes sense for security purposes, but it can also lead to blockages. If you’re writing the same articles from different angles, it's no wonder your ideas have stopped flowing. If you’re struggling, accept it and step away. It may mean losing some money, but it allows you to focus on something else. And, that could be a Godsend. This could involve anything. You may want to write a story instead of a news piece, or a poem instead of fiction. You may even want to spread your love of words in schools. In this instance, you could start a school magazine and distribute it. You can learn more about education marketing at MarketingWorks, and even turn to them for help to make this work. Either way, you may find this is the answer you’re looking for.

Put down your pen and learn a new craft

If crafts get your juices flowing, it may be time to put down the pen altogether. Learning a new craft, like knitting, allows you to keep creativity flowing, while also learning something new. As this is a relatively passive craft, it leaves your mind free to come up with new ideas.

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