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How To Get More Work as a Freelance Writer

Working freelance is tough. Not only do you have to keep yourself organised and motivated, but you also have to make sure that you promote and market yourself. If you’ve decided to give up your 9 to 5 job and take up a more flexible freelance life, here are a few tips on how to promote yourself and get good work.

Consider The Publications You’re Pitching For

First of all, chances are you’re sending off all sorts of pitches to different editors and publications. Don't do that. It’s important to make sure that you’re sending the right ideas to the right places to maximize your efforts.

Form pitches is the kiss of death. To an editor worth their salt, it’ll be obvious from a mile off if you’ve been sending the same idea around to lots of different publications. Make sure that you’ve researched the publication that you’re sending your pitch. Then, give specific reasons for choosing their publication and tell them why you think your idea would work for them. Editors love writers that do their research.

how to promote your freelance business

how to promote your freelance business

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Be Full Of Ideas, but Don't Stress

Let’s face it: no matter how great you think all your ideas are, they won’t all get accepted and published, even if you’d love them to be. Facing rejection is part and parcel of being a freelance writer - and you can’t let it deter you from continuing on and thinking of even more great ideas.

It’s important for you to be inspired by the world around yourself - make sure that you take experiences that happen to you, whether they’re good or bad, and consider how you could make them into a pitch. After all, everything is material.

When you have ideas, send them out as queries to publications. Keep at least 12 queries out at one time. This will help you keep a steady flow of article jobs coming in.

getting more clients as a freelance writer

getting more clients as a freelance writer

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Maintain Your Online Presence

Being a freelance writer is not just about being a good writer - it’s also about knowing how to present yourself online.

First, make sure that you maintain a certain voice on your social media accounts. Strike that balance of fun and professionalism that will make people want to contact you to get some freelance work done.

Make sure you have a website, too, with your contact information clearly visible, including your phone number, email address and postal address, along with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media accounts.

Once you have your site up and going, remember, SEO is your friend. Essentially SEO means rearranging the Google search results so that your name comes to the top when someone searches for "freelance writer." Useful, right?

Here are 3 small business marketing tools you should already know about. They’ll help you figure out SEO, if you're not already fluent in search engine optimization.

how to get paid for writing

how to get paid for writing

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Communicate for Referrals

Finally, you make sure that you communicate effectively with your clients. Remember, word of mouth is one of your best marketing strategies. If your clients like you, they will recommend you. Make sure that you’re clear about how long work will take you to complete and keep them updated at all times. Then, when work is done, ask your clients to refer you to their friends or colleges. 

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