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Have Pokemon Party to Level Up Fast

catching pokemon tips Something I do to level up my Pokemon, hatch eggs and gather items from PokeStops is have a Pokemon Go driving party with your friends. No! I don't mean Pokemoning and driving. That's a big no sir.

Instead, have someone be the designated driver. This person will hand over their phone to someone else in the car so they won't be tempted to play while driving.

The passenger that gets the phone will play the driver's game and their own. Then, the driver drives around neighborhoods and areas of town where the speed limit is 20 m (32.18 km) per hour or under so the game thinks you're walking.

The eggs hatch, everyone in the car gets to talk about Pokemon and a good time is had by all.

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Just remember to switch designated drivers throughout the drive so that everyone gets to participate and the driver isn't tempted to play while driving.

Be safe and don't distract the driver, either!

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