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How To Make The Outside Of Your Home Look Just As Good As The Inside

When you're searching online for ways to style your home, there are very few articles that relate to your home looking good on the outside. When we think of home styling we often just think about the rooms in our home and living areas. But we need to start remembering to treat the outside of our home, and our yard or garden, as an important part of the home. It should be treated like a room in the home too. So if you feel like you have been neglecting that extra room for a while, then here are some ideas for you. It will be looking as good as the inside of your home before you know it.


Decide What You Want To Keep

One of the first things to do is to look at your outside space. Make a note of the things that you like about it, as well as the things that you aren’t as happy about. Is there a large and overbearing oaktree close to the house? Are there pebbles and stones on the patio when you’d rather that tiles? When you know what you do and don’t like, you can start drawing up plans to make changes.

Create a Retreat

If you are going to treat your yard and garden as an extra room in the house, then it makes sense to have somewhere to sit and relax in it, right? A real retreat. I love to work outside at my patio table when the weather is nice.

So if you don’t already have furniture out there, then now is the time to look into it.

A table and chairs are a good option, as well as a gazebo or patio cover. Patio covers help to keep the sun out and give some shade. They can also help to protect from rain. So you can still enjoy something like a meal or a BBQ outside, even if it is raining. Think about lighting in the yard too, so that you can enjoy the space all year round.

Before you choose your furniture, make sure it meets your lifestyle. For example, if you have a new, teething puppy, wicker furniture, like the set below, may not be the best option.

If you have an old set of plastic furniture you want to toss, think about adding a coat of paint to make it like new. There is spray paint on the market that will transform your plastic furniture. My favorite is Rust-Oleum's Aged Iron spray. It makes anything look like aged metal. My friend and I painted his whole dinning set with this spray and everything looks fantastic.

Don't forget to add some personality. Little trinkets on the patio table, like a lantern or a pretty candle holder can really brighten up and personalise your outdoor space.


Regular Maintenance

Like you would regularly clean and tidy your living room or kitchen, you need to regularly clean and tidy your yard. Obviously, the work will look a little different. But it will help a lot when it comes to wanting to be out there. So keep up with mowing the lawn and weeding. Using a pressure washer is a good idea occasionally too. Then you can get rid of any mold or mildew.


If your home isn’t exposed brick on the outside, then it might be a good time to repaint it. Do you know the last time it was painted? Like in a room in the house, a lick of paint can brighten it up and make it look like new. Perfect to do now we are well on our way into spring.

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