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Interior Design: Make Your Home Shine

The prospect of redecorating a home is often a daunting task; especially when you live in an old property which seems worn through to its very core. I know, my home is almost 100 years old. However, even the most outdated and worn interior can be redesigned to perfection. The key is to tackle the project step-by-step and room-by-room. Your home can shine again, but it requires patience and an understanding that you might need to completely overhaul some of the old, damaging aspects of your house.

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The key to an interior design which lights you up inside is one that reflects your personality, interests and tastes. It shouldn’t shine for the sake of aesthetic pleasure; there has to be something substantial beneath the glittery surface, as you’re redecorating your home. You want to keep it your home.

If you’ve no idea where to begin with interior design, however, then here are some tips to make your home shine again.

Refresh Counters and Flooring

An old house often shows its colors through years of marks, stains and damage, which is why the first task on your interior design list should be to give those faded walls a lick of a paint, refresh the cupboards in your kitchen and simply clean everything until it sparkles.

Cleaning old doors, doorknobs and even draperies, is a good place to start in terms of a shinier aesthetic and hygiene.

The faded, worn nature of your house is likely the main thing making the whole place feel old, but it’s never too late to recover an interior. Of course, paint isn’t always enough to recover ancient, damaged flooring, so you could check out Real Milk Paint for a wood bleach to help you get stains out of surfaces.

Once your surfaces appear new again, you’ll be surprised to find that the whole house looks a little closer to the way you want it. It’s good to start at this foundational level when you’re redecorating and trying to imbue your home with that sparkle again.

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Turn Family Photos, Mementos and Art into Focal Design Points

Over at Fantabulosity, one great suggestion for sprucing up the interior design of your home is to turn all those family photos, and maybe even your children’s art, into the centrepieces of rooms around your house.

You could frame those drawings which are clogging up the fridge space and place them on walls around the house, for example. This will add some character to your home, while decluttering the fridge and improving the aesthetic of the house. It also gives people something to laugh about, as those silly but thoughtful little stick drawings your child drew will now be front and centre in the living room, the main hallway or perhaps even your bathroom.

Don’t overstep your limits.

At the end of the day, all DIY beginners and experts alike reach a point where their skill set or confidence starts to wane. Execution is key to interior design, and if you don’t think you’re going to be able to finish the execution properly, then it’s time to get help from a professional or simply undertake a simpler task.

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