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Ideas To Turn Your Spare Room Into Something Marvelous!

We all have one room in the home that we barely use. In fact, it can often become a junk room full of old stuff. But you could be wasting space which could be rather useful for your family. And the best thing about it is you could easily turn it into something useful in a couple of steps. You just need to put your DIY hat on! Here are some ideas to turn your spare room into something marvelous!

Make it into a playroom for your kids

A lot of families find they end up with their kid’s toys all around the house. After all, their bedroom might not be big enough to become home for all their toys. So they end up having to live all over the property. However, if you have a playroom, there would be plenty of room for all the toys to live. Therefore, you should turn that old spare room into a playroom for your kids. For one thing, you should paint the walls. You might want to go for something neutral and then opt for colorful accessories. After all, your kids might change their mind about certain colors, and then you will have to repaint in a year or two. And then make sure you built plenty of shelving and storage into the room. That way, you have lots of rooms for the toys to live. Make sure the carpet is fitted correctly so that their little tootsies don’t end up running into any harm!

Switch it into a guest bedroom with its own ensuite

You might not have anywhere for guests to currently stay in your property. In fact, they might end up staying on the couch or on a blow-up bed in your property. Therefore, you should opt to turn the junk room into a guest bedroom. And to make it even better, you could even opt to add an en suite. That way, it will make for the perfect experience when you have people over to stay. And it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune to make the ensuite. You can get materials you might need like timber and doors at a builders yard. And once you have sorted the room, you can get a plumber in to get your ensuite all connected! Also, a guest bedroom with ensuite will definitely add value to your property!

ideas for the spare bedroom


Opt to turn it into a home office

If you work at home, it might be a very good idea to turn the spare room into a home office. After all, it will provide you with perfect haunts to get on with your work. Once you have removed all the junk from the room, you can plan exactly where your desk and chair will go. And then you can repaint the room and ensure it’s all ready for your office equipment. An office will also be useful for the rest of your family. For example, your kids can use it to do homework after school! After all, it will be a quiet area to get on with their studies.

all white home office decor


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