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How Freelancers Can Keep Afloat When Business is Slow

How Freelancers Can Keep Afloat When Business is Slow

There is always work out there, but freelance writing work seems to come in feast and famine. Some days you have more work than you can handle, and sometimes it will seem like no one in the whole world needs a writer. 


This is especially true when you are just starting on your freelancing journey, when you're still building your portfolio. It can be hard to bring in new clients if you don’t have any previous work to show. And now that you’ve taken the leap to being your own business and abandoned the confines of the traditional working world, it can be a challenge to keep afloat if you aren’t getting the adequate business you need. Slow times don't need to be the end of your adventure. Far from it! Here's what to do.


If times seem to be getting tough and there are more flies drifting from your wallet than usual, then it's time to start tightening the purse strings and get the budgeting aspect down. You should already have a solid budgeting idea in mind, but if you don’t, then there is no time like the present.

There are hundreds of budgeting platforms on the market, like the Everydollar review, which can aid in your budgeting endeavours. While it won’t entirely solve your money troubles, budgeting can undoubtedly ease the worry and panic of making it until your next paycheck.

The best way to prepare your budget for lean times is to get a month ahead in your bills. Every time you have a little extra money, pay a bill that has already been paid so your account has a credit. No worries about your lights or water getting shut off!


Be sure to make life flexible to work with your freelance business. Stay away from long-term contracts, for example. This can enable you to cancel or pause a service, like a gym membership, cable TV, phone service and the like, when money's not coming in without paying a fee for breaking a contract.


Another solution that is essential to remaining in the black is to ensure that you do not sacrifice your work’s quality to create quantity. It can be tempting to jump on every $10 job you find online in the hope that you will slowly start bringing in more pennies, but  completing quick and rushed jobs just to get a bit of coin into your account - and who knows when you will get paid - is counterproductive. 

Freelancing platforms are full of quick and supposedly easy jobs. But the time and effort you put into it isn’t often worth it. Furthermore, these smaller jobs might be done with little thought, which can impact your reputation among the community. Remember, quality over quantity.


There are some sites out there where you can get some fast gigs. Here’s my list of 30+ of the best quick gig sites, and check out this video:


Ninja speed when it comes to finding new gigs will make the thin times smaller. Here’s my tips on finding freelance jobs through LinkedIn fast and why Pitchwiz is a great site to use to find high-paying gigs.


While anyone can do research, it takes a lot more than a quick Google to become an expert in your field. People who know their stuff, though, can quickly build a reputation as someone who clients will look for to complete whatever project they have.

Becoming an expert will not only make your work that much more straightforward, but the following demand will also increase your reputation as someone who knows their stuff and can complete assignments quickly and efficiently. Before you know it, you will have more income than you know what to do with.

How do you become an expert? Start writing guest posts for sites and blogs in your niche. Start a blog on the topic. Start a Facebook group about your niche. Write an ebook about your topic. Basically, get your name to pop up in some form or another whenever someone googles your topic.


The times where money seems tight and business is slow can be worrying. Don't let it consume you! Taking steps to ensure that you are adequately prepared for such an eventuality - and it happens to everyone at some point - will ensure that, when the time comes, you won’t get stuck in a bad place and will allow you to ride any hazardous waves and arrive safely on the shore of success in no time.

Want to know how I keep big clients rolling in? Read my book The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course: The only course that gives you concrete, actionable information to building a successful freelance business without any fluff.

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