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Frugal Savvy is Money Happy...Plus it's Good for the Environment

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There are so many resources online for how to be frugal nowadays that it can be hard to know where to start. It’s all a bit overwhelming; everywhere you turn there are money-saving tips and things that you can do around your home to reduce household costs.

But just how many of these do you take on board? Surely if we were to adopt every single one of them then we’d all be very rich people, but it just doesn’t seem to be the way. Some things won’t suit our lifestyle, some are unrealistic and others are just plain weird. It’s all subjective, but when you have to start going out of your comfort zone to save money, it’s time to take a step back and wonder whether it’s worth it.

There are, however, some things that are really financially sound to do in order for us to save money - and won’t require us to deviate from something that we’re completely used to to achieve it.

Install the Sun

Solar energy is becoming more popular by the minute, and you’re in a minority if you haven’t seen panels adorning the roof of at least one house that you’ve driven by in the past couple of years. Especially in the warmer states, solar panels can be an amazing way to save money by using the sun’s rays to pay your bills.

Look for an installation company like Semper Solaris to get you started off. You can still make use of any leftover energy by selling it back to energy companies, so it’s totally a win-win situation. There will be a startup cost to get you sorted out with the panels initially, but after that it’s pretty much plain sailing; whenever the sun comes out, you will be able to save or earn money. It’s great. It’s free. It’s nature. Find out if your house is a good candidate for solar energy by reading my article at CNET.

Be Car Conscious

Have you ever driven to a destination only to find that you can’t really remember the journey? When we drive, most of us tend to go into total autopilot mode.

As such, we’re not really taking into consideration the things that we could be doing to reduce our carbon footprint by using less gas. You don’t have to take a course to learn the things that will reduce our fuel consumption; it can be as easy as moving up the gears as quickly as possible, not using your car for short journeys that could be walked and never overloading your car with unnecessary things that aren’t needed.

Use Your Feet

Moving on along the same vein as walking to avoid unnecessary car journeys, you should just walk more anyway out of principal. If your car journey commute takes you 10 minutes, try setting off a little earlier or making a day out of walking to your destination. It could up to an hour to do, but the sense of accomplishment you will feel at the end of it cannot be rivalled - plus it’ll be saving you money and keeping you fit and healthy as well. What a bonus!

It IS Easy Being Green

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