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Freelancers Need To Avoid These Home Office Errors

When you're a freelancer, it’s likely you will make a room in your home your working quarters. After all, you are likely to be a lot more productive with a home office. You can shut off the outside world and get on with your work. When people are creating their home office, they can often make mistakes which can affect your working life. In fact, here are some home office errors that freelancers need to avoid.

freelancer office

freelancer office


Picking a room which has little light

A lot of people choose a particular room because it has the most privacy. After all, you need minimum noise to get on with your work. But you need to think carefully before choosing the room.

For one thing, you need to think about lighting. Low light can tire your eyes and force them to work harder if you are writing on the computer. Lack of natural light can also lead to depression, sleep problems and other crap you just don't need to deal with on top of running your own business.

I myself chose my home's sunroom as my office. Half of the room is covered in windows and I have a nice view of my garden and pecan trees. Even if you don't have a sunroom, at least put your desk facing a window. Trust me, it will do wonders for your outlook on life after being cooped up inside all the time. (Plus, facing a window will prevent glare on your computer screen.)

Choose a room which enjoys a lot of light during the day. Then add some blinds so you can adjust the light accordingly.

Working on an old chair

It’s easy to just pick an old chair for your office. Hey, it's cheap, right? There are several reasons why you should spring for a new chair, though.

For one thing, it may not be giving your back the support it needs for hours of sitting. Therefore, your back could end up in jeopardy if it’s not getting the cushioning it needs.

And not only is an old chair not good for your back, but it’s not good for the floor either. Old wheels or worn furniture pads on the legs could mark your office floor. If this is one of the only problems you might end up looking for the best caster wheels to replace them, though.

Otherwise, look for a new chair online which won’t cost you a small fortune. If you look through a site which sells them to businesses, you might get one for a cheap rate. I got an ergonomic chair and it was a great investment. I also keep a yoga ball in my office. Sometimes it's good to switch things up.

how to make an office for a freelancer

how to make an office for a freelancer


Bad organization

A lot of people have paperwork a plenty just scattered around their desk. After all, they don’t get a chance to sort it out when they're busy freelancing, but you need to make sure you have proper organization in the office. Otherwise, you will constantly feel stressed out when you are working, and it can end up cluttering your mind.

Make sure you have a good storage system in the office in which you can file your documents. That way, you will be able to find exactly what you need. And it will ensure you have a clear desk, so you have plenty of room to work. I have gotten filing cabinets for free from businesses that are closing. Keep an eye on local Facebook Marketplace groups to snag you one.

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