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Your Freelance Career Will Benefit From These Brilliant Office Additions

Freelancing full time is an interesting gig, as this blog often proves. Not only are you a wordsmith responsible for relevant and interesting posts, but you also have room for flair, provided your piece fits within the requirements of your client. The life of a freelancer can’t be explained by spreadsheets or sales quotas. It’s very much a personal affair, and every freelancer is different. Your home office should follow suit and be functional, yet sport your own stamp of personality that best helps you work.There are many likely office additions that you’ve never considered before, that could make your working life much easier to handle. Taking the time to invest in some necessary, additional office equipment could take your freelancing business to the next level, and lead to a growing number of happy testimonials.

Writing career tips

Writing career tips

A Professional Scheduling Notebook

It’s all very well scheduling your daily routine on a digital system like Google calendar, but a personal notebook can help you jot down the intricacies and expectations of certain clients.

It can also become a resource that you can derive a sense of your growth from. I have my old notebooks from years ago. Sometimes I like to look through them to see how far I've come.


Good lighting helps reduce eye strain. Halogen bulbs and LEDs help the environment and can be dimmed at will to allow you to work at your station for many hours at a time. You want your lighting system to be adaptable, and able to stay cool during long sessions of use.

This also goes double for your computer screen. Purchasing some reliable blue-light filtering software will help your circadian rhythm avoid being affected by your laptop or desktop screen.

Also, I like to have a backlit keyboard. It helps prevent eyestrain when working at night and it's just, well, cool!


Opting for managed print services can help you save money, time and your impact on the environment. This goes tenfold if you are part of or manage a team of freelancers, as the savings will skyrocket. 

how to get more clients

how to get more clients


Why not print motivational work posters around your room to remind you of why you do this? This doesn’t need to be the infamous "office motivational posters" that were popular in the early 90’s. A picture of your family or intended long-term purchase can both be applicable here. Seeing what you're working for every day can keep you going.

Ergonomic Office Equipment

Purchasing and using ergonomic office equipment helps manage your posture and general physical health. Using the right equipment can prevent back problems and carpal tunnel; both costly and painful ailments to have.

Here are some pieces to consider. I have all of these items in my office:

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