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Forgotten Spring Cleaning Tasks You Can't Miss

Spring is always a good time to clean. It's starting to get warmer, and you can take care of anything you neglected in the winter. Any changing of the seasons can prompt you to start straightening up your home. But while there are some tasks you will easily remember to do, there are some that you might not think of so easily. When you're planning your big spring clean this year, don't forget about these essential tasks.

Clear Out Storage Spaces

A lot of stuff gets stored away during the winter. You don't need your summer clothes, and perhaps you won't be using your outdoor furniture. But during the colder months, the storage spaces you use can get very disorganized.

When you're swapping your winter things for your spring and summer possessions, use it as an opportunity to have a clear out. You can decide what to put away for next year and what to take out for now, while also getting rid of anything you no longer need. Tidy, dust and clean inside your storage spaces too so that they're neat.

Spring cleaning tips


Send Out the Spiders

During the winter, spiders can often make their home in your house. They're good for getting rid of bugs, but you don't want your house to be full of them all the time. If you want to send them on their way, you can find a number of repellents to get them to move on. One option is to find out where to buy peppermint oil, which is supposed to keep away spiders. The smell is strong to spiders but should be pleasant for you. If there aren't too many spiders in the house, you can also remove them manually by trapping them and releasing them.

Start Polishing

When was the last time you polished anything in your house? While it's not an essential task, it helps your home stay looking beautiful. Polish metal hardware around your home, including door handles and curtain poles. They'll have an extra shine so that they look as good as new again. You can also polish anything ornamental you might have. And if you have a good set of cutlery, perhaps made from silver, you can take a cloth to them too.

Wax Wood

Another task you might not have done for a while is wax your wooden furniture. Applying wax to wood helps to protect it and gives it a beautiful shine, too. If you have a wooden dining table or coffee table, you can improve them with a bit of wax. Gently wipe furniture down with soapy water first to make sure it's clean. Apply your wax using a cotton rag or cloth and leave it to dry, then give it a buff after to get it nice and shiny.

Don't leave out these spring cleaning tasks, but remember to do the more obvious ones too.

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