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Easy Ways To Make Your Home Office Somewhere You Love To Work

home office you love

home office you love

When you work from home, it’s likely you have your own office where you complete the work. After all, you need somewhere serene to ensure you're able to get on with the job at hand. However, a lot of us have dull offices which don’t put a spring in our step and it can affect our concentration levels if we don’t love the location where we work. So, here are some easy ways to make your home office somewhere you love.

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Add Some Light to the Room

You might not have thought twice about the lighting in your office, but it can actually be important as it can impact your work and your happiness levels. After all, if you work in a dark room, it can give you eye strain and lack of focus.

In fact, a lot of people feel drowsy working in a room which has little light. Therefore, they are likely to not get as much work done.

So, if you want to give your home office a boost, you need to let in more natural light. Position your desk well so you can enjoy the full impact of the light from the window. With more natural light, you will see a boost to your effectiveness as well as your mood.

And if you do need to add some extra lighting, make sure it’s soft lighting. That way, it will ensure you have a productive work day and will leave you satisfied at the end of the day!

lighting in home office

lighting in home office


Give the Desk Some Life

There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a boring desk. You need to give the desk a personal touch to boost your home office. You can do this by adding a beautiful vase of flowers or even a photo of your loved ones.

Or you might even want to give the desk some life by getting creative. For example, you could paint it a fun color which will make it stand out in the room. 

Or you could even skip the paint and decorate your desk with a wrapping paper! It will look fantastic and will give you a smile when you start your work.

pretty home office

pretty home office

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Paint the Walls a Great Color

You should also color the whole room so it becomes somewhere you love to work. Choose a great paint color that will give the room a lift. It might be that you go for something bright like orange or yellow to lift your spirits. Calming green and blue have been found to improve efficiency and focus  so you will have an office which will ensure you have a productive work day. My office is purple, which helps with creativity. 

And remember the walls in your office don’t have to be plain. Go for inspiring wall quotes and artwork which will give you a boost!

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