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D.E.R - The Three Stages of Redecoration

My best friend and I are constantly in the process of redecorating our homes. I understand that some people don't constantly live in a flux of new furnishings and paint colors like us, though. Choosing to redecorate your home is an exciting time, and one that can reflect your personality in so many ways. Not only will you be showing how flair and style in how you choose to do up your house, but how you go about it can be interpreted by others, too.

Whether you’re employing somebody to do the work for you, both in design and execution, or taking it on yourself (good luck if it’s your first time!), how you approach it is a testament unto yourself.


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The Design

To get things completely right, don’t be impulsive with what you want to do. You could be thinking that it is the right thing to do, to go with your gut instinct, and you’re partially right - you need to know what’s good in your heart to make sure it’s equally as good for the long-run. However, if what you’re being impulsive with something like paint colour in a shop without taking home a few testers first, this is where - expensive - problems can occur.

Consider looking up some luxury interior designers to get a real feel for what’s in right now, and what you can do with any ideas that may be floating around your head that may be too brash to instantly go forth with. Create a mood board to channel your designs into one place, and if you’re working with an interior designer they’ll be thrilled that they have your personality compacted into one space to be able to work from.

Don't be afraid to go bright, though!! My office is a fun purple, my bathroom is a happy blue and my living room is a grass green color. If you love color, then go for it!

bright paint color in bathroom

Murals can be fun, too. I did this one in my daughter's room.

Star wars decor

Here's another mural I did in a friend's bathroom.

Murals in bathrooms

The Execution

If you are confident enough in your own abilities to decorate the rooms that need doing, then go ahead with what you know. If, however, it’s a little bit trickier and you don’t know entirely what’s required in terms of tools and the equipment that you’ll need to get the job done, it may actually be cheaper to hire a handyman or decorator as they’ll have everything that is needed already. You won’t need to go out and buy everything brand new that you probably won’t use again (if you do a good job).

The Result

If you’re not happy with the result, you’ll need to get it changed as soon as possible to avoid becoming complacent with it. Learning to live with what you have rather than loving it from the offset isn’t the ideal result from decorating your house, of course!

If you used a professional, you’ll need to alert them as soon as possible to anything that will need redoing; leave too much time and they’ll be more reluctant to come and alter any of the potential problems.

If you yourself have done things wrong, there can be simple tricks to overcome them; for instance, if you have got paint on the ceiling whilst cutting in, you could use caulk to bring back a straight line.

If you decide you don't like a nick-nack or side table, hit it with some spray paint to completely change the look. You'd be surprised at what you can do with a little paint.

Here's a great example. My friend bought this little cabinet from a Facebook swap shop. He hated the color, so we transformed it with some spray paint called Seaside.

spray painting a cabinet

spray painted cabinet

Make sure that you’re happy with whatever you have done; you’ll be the one living with it for quite a while to come, unless you fancy the stress all over again!

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