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Art Vs Commerce: Creating Great Blogging Content That Carries

how to start a blog

how to start a blog

Let's get real. There has always been the eternal divide when it comes to writing: art versus money. Either create something that is niche that you love, or go for the lowest common denominator and appeal to a mass audience. When it comes to creating online content, is it possible to create a blog post that captures the attention of the masses and takes off, but stays true to your personality and niche?

Some would argue that it can't be done, yet others will gladly regale you with their success story. A story that started out with a very simple blog just-- for friends and family, mind you-- but took off and now makes thousands of dollars a month.

While most bloggers will go for mass appeal, you need to think about the following aspects to get your blog out there, too.

Use keyword focused content

If your goal is mass appeal and to earn money, you need to get into the art of marketing rather than the art for art’s sake method. Creating keyword focused content can be difficult at first, especially if you are used to writing in a certain style. While there are many different rules when it comes to using SEO methods for your content (keyword focused content being just one), it can be somewhat overwhelming.

There are many companies like that can help small businesses trying to get their head around how content works. There are also infinite resources online to show you how you can create content that takes off.

The next point is one the most important thing for any blogger or content creator to remember…

Engage your readers

While there are many approaches to nurturing and building a thriving audience for your blog, ultimately, you need to engage your readers with great content.


You see a lot of bloggers now diversifying their content to cover many different bases, from home and gardening all the way through to running a business, all in a single website. The intentions are understandable. They do this so they can keep a steady amount of traffic coming to their website and earn a decent revenue. This is more like hedging their bets rather than creating content that is focused on one certain audience. It probably doesn't reflect the personality of the blog creator, either.

If you are starting out, chances are you're writing about what you know, and this is the key to keeping readers engaged. People want to hear from someone that is passionate. 

Look at a site like It is a source of marketing information, but it’s still all about developing your voice underneath everything else, and this is the key.

Essentially starting out as a niche blog is the best way to creating content that is authentic. A lot of people will argue that to create mass appeal for your blog, you need several broad topics to have more appeal than just a niche. But, in this respect, it's important to remember that there is going to be saturation in the marketplace across all niches, from celebrity gossip to knitting. If you are aiming to create a blog that is authentic, you will need to be different and be you. Which brings me to my last point...

Include your personality

Above all else, ensure that your personality is infused in every post. People want to see the real you. I'm sort of a goofy person, so I like to include silly gifs in my posts, even serious ones like this one.

how to make your blog awesome

how to make your blog awesome

Visitors have a lot of choices when it comes to blogs. The ones that become popular belong to individuals that aren't afraid to let their true selves burst forth in every post. Get raw. Get real. Do you. Work it!

Making a blog that is inclusive and niche, yet appeals to the masses is achievable, but you need to understand that marketing has a very unique place in the blogosphere. You also need  to remain faithful to your intentions and personality. These approaches will mix into a blog stew that will get you noticed.

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