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7 Crucial Elements Of A Healthy House

Whether you want to make sure the house you live in now is healthy, or you’re buying your first home, there are a few things you must do to ensure a healthy home. Here are the 7 crucial elements of a healthy house to help you:

1. Thorough Child Proofing

If you have children, then making sure your home is thoroughly childproofed is crucial. You’ll need to tidy wires, cover corners, install stair gates, and search vigilantly for other hazards that could be causing a problem. If you don’t have children, then this can probably wait, but getting things in place early on is a good idea.

2. Healthy Water Systems

Just because your water looks clean and healthy doesn’t mean that it is. You need healthy water systems in place to ensure that it’s as healthy as can be. This includes things like water filters. Making sure you have the best whole house water softeners out there will also keep your appliances healthy, as it helps them to last longer.

3. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance needs to be performed on your home for ultimate health, so don’t neglect to create some kind of system so you can stay on top of everything. Try keeping a dry erase board with a list of chores in the kitchen, for example. Jobs both big and small need to be taken care of, whether that is giving the dog a flea bath or repairing cracks in the wall.

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4. Pest-free Environment

A pest-free environment is a must. Make sure you’re keeping your sides clean, your bins away from your home, and you’re storing food in sealed containers or bags. Keep an eye on your pets too, as it’s all too easy for them to bring bugs home.

5. Comfort

A healthy house needs to be comfortable. It isn’t necessary to live, but it’s necessary to be happy and feel as if your home is a safe place for you to reflect and relax. Make sure you choose your color scheme and decor in accordance with how you want to feel. Don't be afraid to put your favorite color on the wall!

6. The Right Temperature

Your home needs to be the right temperature. If it’s too hot or too cold, it’s not going to be fun for anybody. Make sure you have maintained your heating/cooling systems as much as possible, and replace them if necessary. Setting them to come on automatically will be a huge help and might even save you money. Here's a tip that could save you some money on your heating and cooling bills.

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7. Natural Light

The benefits of natural light are huge in comparison to artificial light. Natural light can make you more productive, and even happier. Make sure you let it in where you can for a healthy, happy home! If you have these 7 elements in your home you can feel pretty confident that it’s a happy, healthy home. If you don’t have them, get them in place as soon as you can for a practical living space your whole family will love to live in. Leave your own tips below. Come back soon!

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