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5 Things you can do with your clothes iron

ironing hair with a clothes iron

1. Make a Sandwich

College kids know that an iron can make a mean dorm room grilled cheese. Just slap a piece of cheese between two slices of bread, turn your iron on high and get to grilling. Each side of the sandwich takes around 30 seconds to get golden brown with this method.

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2. Fix a dent in your floor or furniture

If you have a dent in your hardwood floor or furniture, don’t despair. Your iron can fix that.  Set your iron to its hottest setting. Spray the dent with water and then put a damp paper towel on top of the dent.  Hold the iron just above the paper towel and make circular motions with your iron. After two minutes, remove the paper towel and check your dent. The heat from the iron and the humidity should have made the wood swell, pushing the dented wood outwards.

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Caution: Try this trick inside a closet or some other out-of-the-way spot first to see how your floor finish reacts to heat and water.

3. Remove carpet dents

This trick is a lot like the last. When furniture leaves a dent in your carpet, just place a damp rag over the dent, turn your iron to the steam setting and iron the rag for 30 seconds. Use an old tooth brush to fluff the carpet fibers and the dent will be gone.

4. Remove candle wax drips

Candle drips can be one of the hardest messes to remove. Your iron can make cleanup a little easier. Use a plastic spatula to scrape off as much wax as it can. Then, set your iron to warm and cover the leftover wax with a paper towel. Iron the paper towel for a few seconds and then switch out the paper towel for a clean one. Keep ironing the spot with fresh paper towels until all of the wax is removed.

5. Fix another waxy problem

Setting hot items of waxed furniture can leave a white stain on the wood. The stain is actually wood wax that was melted by the hot item. To fix the problem, place a clean rag over the spot and set your iron to the steam setting. Hold the iron on the rag for 10 to 15 seconds. When you remove the rag the spot should be fine.

Since you’re removing the wax, the area will probably look a little dull. You may want to go over the spot with some furniture wax. This will make the area shiny like the rest of the finish.

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